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We establish your goals and make your vision come to life through animated, explainer and whiteboard videos

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We’re a talented team of video marketing professionals with the skills and industry experience to produce top notch videos and animation with pricing that puts the power of video within your reach. Our goal is to help you leverage the power of video to grow sales and get noticed. We handle every aspect of the video design process, from conceptualization to scripting to production to publishing.

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Video marketing used to be the exclusive realm of heavy hitters; industry giants with bottomless advertising budgets. We’re here to change that! At Viddio, we specialize in producing affordable, high-impact marketing videos built to serve any company and any budget, from top-tier industry leading productions to simple promotions that anyone can afford.

47% of ALL internet usage is spent watching videos

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How-To: Successful Video Marketing

Successful video marketing is essential in promoting one’s business or individual brand. However, unless you or an employee of yours is a video professional, it can be difficult to grasp effective video marketing strategies. As I’ve touched upon in previous blogs, it is not only important to understand your audience, but to know how video best helps to promote your brand. Using LinkedIn, I reached out to top professionals worldwide, and gathered their best tricks to creating engaging content, gaining clients, and hiring independent contractors. Successful Video Marketing Tips Shawn Montano, Instructor at Emily Griffith Technical College & President of Colorado Professional Videographers Association, discusses the compelling art of storytelling using music. “I love using music. I use music whenever I can. I use it improperly. I abuse the use of music,” says Shawn, who won an Emmy for his documentary “Journey of Hope”, which tells the story of a man struggling with Parkinson’s Disease. Through music, he “created a feel[ing],” tied the story together, and “set the tone.” In his blog, he breaks down the documentary piece by piece, explaining how the combination of music and narration helped to create a beautiful and touching story. Visit Shawn’s blog for more tips on storytelling. Shmuel Hoffman, a New York City based Videographer and Producer, founded his own media production company to help business’, brands, and causes create engaging content. In his most recent blog post, Shmuel discusses how to create a “killer client presentation.” “There are many ways to present ourselves,” says Hoffman, and knowing which platform is best can either make or break one’s marketing strategy. Hoffman breaks down...

The Key to Effective Video Marketing

The Facts If you’re trying to build your business, or just trying to grow your audience, you may be wondering what is currently the most effective method of gaining a following. The answer lies an effective video marketing strategy. As I reiterate in previous articles, Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world. The video-streaming site has over a billion users and over 4 billion video views daily. Of those 4 billion views, 1/4 of those videos are viewed from a mobile device. As of 2015, 9% of small business’ were using Youtube. Ask yourself, is there a reason your business shouldn’t be on Youtube? Youtube videos aren’t limited to users alone. Through Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc., these videos are shared globally every single day. By creating an account, you almost guarantee that a handful of people will stumble upon your video throughout their search. That alone guarantees you a few views, and, as I like to say, one view is better than no views. By using video to gain exposure for your business, you are allowing yourself to open up your brand to a whole new market. Every small business, big brand, and non-profit uses Youtube to communicate to a larger audience. So, what are you waiting for? The Psychology of an Effective Video Marketing Strategy To better explain why your brand absolutely needs to implement a video marketing strategy, it is important to understand the psychology behind video. According to the great philosopher Aristotle, a persuasive idea must be 3 things: credible, affecting, and believable. It isn’t surprising that the most shared content on the internet...

Top 5 iPhone Video Editing Apps

Here are the Top-Rated iPhone Video Apps of 2015 When it comes to video editing on a budget, iPhone applications are a safe bet. Not only are there millions of applications for purchase, but finding an application that suits your needs is even more likely. This is because there is demand for apps as smartphones begin to replace computers, and even television. The accessibility of live streaming, email, video, and even the ability to edit text documents at our finger tips- has created an even larger demand for smartphone applications. So, why not edit video from your mobile device? Videoshop Via iTunes Video shop is one of the top rated video apps for iPhone/iPad. At $1.99 it allows you to trim, alter speed, edit audio, and filter your footage. This app also allows you to overlay text on the video. This essential feature is one that most standard smartphone applications surprisingly lack. Vidlab Via iTunes – Vidlab has many similar features and is free to download (with in-app purchases). Vidlab takes text overlays to the next level by allowing you to choose your own fonts. You can even add animation over your videos. This application has more to offer and very closely resembles the capabilities of computer editing software. You can’t go wrong with a free download, and if a particular filter or animation appeals to you you can go ahead and purchase it! VideoStar Via iTunes -This particular app is something I recommend purely because of its simplicity. It is extremely user friendly (my 12 year-old neighbors introduced me to it) and helps you to create short clips/videos to...

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